About Cliff Water Sports

Cliff Waters is a group of fun and thrill loving water enthusiasts. We recharge people with a stress free life at the end of a long and hectic weekend.

Cliff Waters ensure that their water sports can be enjoyed both by the experts and the novice water sports lovers.

We have facilities like:
  • 1. An array of Activities Cliff Water sports just not entertain you with surfing or swimming. You can enjoy modern and fast growing water sports like wake boarding, standup paddle surfing. Wonderful blue water to fulfil the water skiing and swimming needs of people of different age and skill set.
  • 2. Waterfront Bar Cliff Water Sports takes care of your after- surfing parties as well. While you spend the day enjoying the cool splashes of crystalline waters, at evening you can relax with soothing music at the water front bar or tap your feet through the night at the beats of rocking music bands.
  • 3. Training When starting Cliff Water Sports we did not ignore people who want some excitement in life but are not trained to participate in water sports. Our team consists of a large group of expert and experienced surfers and life gaurds who can provide the enthusiasts with basic skills required for boarding and surfing.

Cliff Water Sports is also concerned about your health and safety in general. Our hot water showers are under strict surveillance. We do not want you to miss spending time with your family because you are pursuing your favourite sports; this is the reason we have coffee hut and basic camping facilities. Here you can enjoy some serene moments with the special ones of your life.

So visit us to boost your adrenaline, have fun, stay fit and healthy.